"How About A Political Training Course That Will Help You Prepare To Run For Office For Just $1,799 $100?"

What $1,799 $100 Gets You...

  • 9 Days of Political Campaign Training & Instructional Courses
  • ​1 Digital Marketing Course
  • ​1 Field Work Course
  • ​1 Fundraising Course
  • ​Customizable Social Media Content Calendar
  • ​Customizable Campaign Budget
  • ​Fundraising Workbook
  • ​Daily Course Worksheets
  • ​Document Templates For Use In Your Campaign
  • ​Invitation to Join Our Exclusive Campaign Challenge Facebook Group
'The Campaign Challenge' Starts on Dec 15th...
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Registration Ends Dec 14th at 10PM CST!

Join the Challenge For Only $100

Why Take 'The Campaign Challenge'??

Our politics is divisive, but the solution is simple. We need new leadership that represents us instead of turning us against one another.

But, running for office can be challenging for people who are running against established politicians. Forming a team, fundraising for your campaign, and raising awareness... New candidates have a lot to learn, but without resources, the odds are against them.

That's why I created 'The Campaign Challenge,' which lowers the learning curve to help YOU get elected.

Together, we can solve the challenges faced by the American people.

Become a true public servant. Join The Campaign Challenge today!

- Manu Lail

Here's How It Works...

For $100 you get:

9 Days of Political Training Courses

Day One - Learn the basics of how the political system works in the United States and get a better understanding of local politics.

Day Two - Determine your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate, decide which office to pursue, size up your potential opponent(s), and determine the number of votes you need to win.

Day Three - Understand the various roles and build your campaign management team.

Day Four - Outline a plan for your campaign including putting together a budget, identifying and targeting voters, branding/messaging, and more.

Day Five - Organize a list of vendors and pricing for each of the items needed in your campaign.

Day Six - Setup the processes and procedures that will help your campaign run more smoothly.

Day Seven - Going through the basics of campaign fundraising.

Day Eight - Build the foundations to ensure a successful announcement of your candidacy for office.

Day Nine - Learning about the three phases of campaigning, including what to expect and how to adjust for any curveballs. Understand the difference between Persuasion and Turnout Targeting and how to get out the vote for your campaign.

Each course will become available in the Members Area of the online training platform on each respective day. We've built this platform with flexibility in mind to suit your busy schedule and allow you to learn at your pace!

But, that's not all! You also get...

- Instructional Worksheets With Every Class. Each worksheet is designed to help you do research and homework geared towards YOUR campaign.

- Customizable Social Media Content Calendar. You will get a fully customizable social media content calendar for YOUR campaign. Plan your social media posts, record what you will say, the images you will use, and much more with this bonus template.

- Customizable Campaign Budget. Use this template to organize YOUR campaign's budget so that your team fully understands how much money needs to be raised and where the funds will be spent. Every great campaign needs a budget and a plan to be successful.

- Fundraising Workbook. A comprehensive workbook to help YOUR campaign keep track of contributions, pledges, thank you notes, and call time.

Wait... There's More...

- BONUS Digital Marketing Course. In this course, we will explore the concepts behind digital marketing and proven tactics to help raise awareness of your campaign.

- BONUS Field Tips & Tricks Course. Learn about what it takes to put together a great field plan and how to successfully execute that plan.

- BONUS Fundraising Essentials Course. Go through techniques and practices that will help you achieve your fundraising goals.

- Become A Part of Our Exclusive Facebook Group. You will automatically be entered into an exclusive Facebook Group of people pursuing political office. Share ideas, thoughts, and experiences as we all work together to create a better world.

Here's A Recap Of Everything...

  • 9 Days of Political Campaign Training & Instructional Courses
  • ​1 Digital Marketing Course
  • ​1 Field Work Course
  • ​1 Fundraising Course
  • ​Customizable Social Media Content Calendar
  • ​Customizable Campaign Budget
  • ​Fundraising Workbook
  • ​Daily Course Worksheets
  • ​Document Templates For Use In Your Campaign
  • ​Invitation to Join Our Exclusive Campaign Challenge Facebook Group

A Total Value of $1,799

Lesson the learning curve and give your campaign a boost!!!

Join The Campaign Challenge Today For Only $100

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